Who We Are

Steeped in a blend of tradition and science, Purple Monkey sources the finest ingredients in the world to introduce innovative cannabis infused tea, coffee and cocoa products to legal cannabis markets. Our lifestyle is ease and wellness, with an intention to elevate cannabis and highlight its communal roots.

Our Commitment

Purple Monkey is committed to manufacturing safe, consistently dosed cannabis infused products for both medical and adult use consumers. We believe in creating lifestyles that embrace cannabis medicinally and for its delightful euphoric properties. Our combined 30 year experience in tea, coffee and cannabis allows our company to provide elevated gourmet goods to refined cannabis consumers. Join our world today!

Whole Plant Quality

Craft cannabis is the hallmark of quality. In each state, the Purple Monkey Licensee cultivates long term relationships with some of the most renown growers. The focus on quality plant material ensures consistent, safe and effective products that fulfill the commitment to produce the best Purple Monkey products for our patients and consumers.

Our Heritage of Flavor

The cannabis used in making Purple Monkey products is local, but our formulations reflect our commitment to the experience of flavor. Purple Monkey sources fair trade ingredients from the far corners of the world. We celebrate the communal nature of the plant world and acknowledge the majesty that occurs when humans are added to the mix.

Joint Venture Flavors LLC.

Joint Venture Flavors LLC. is a premium food and beverage company specializing in infused tea, coffee and drinkable products through a unique licensing agreement in each state where cannabis is legal for either medial or adult use.

As a Licensor, we specialize in developing products with unique flavor profiles for the food and beverage marketplace using our proprietary formulations and processes. We welcome you to the world of Purple Monkey elevated drinkables.

Interested in having Purple Monkey products in your legal medical or adult use state? Learn more by contacting us at info@purplemonkey.world

What Purple Monkey Offers You

Join Purple Monkey

If you are interested in selling Purple Monkey products at your dispensary, visit our wholesale page for more information.

Premium Cannabis

Our focus on quality plant material ensures consistent, safe and effective products.

Finest Loose Leaf

Our loose leaf teas are hand selected from countries all across the globe to ensure you are receiving the best quality possible.

Elevate Discreetly

Purple Monkey products are an excellent way to elevate your experience in an entirely discreet fashion.