Health Benefits of Tea

Tea and Bone Health

A cup of tea may not only taste great, but it may be good for bone health as well. Research suggests that tea drinkers may have stronger bones later in life. Tea is a good source of fluoride which supports healthy bones. Having a splash of skim or low fat milk in your tea can boost bone building minerals in your diet.

Tea and Oral Health

Tea may contribute to oral health. Some experts believe that the Flavonoids in tea inhibit the ability of oral bacteria that form harmful plaque deposits. In addition, tea’s naturally occurring fluoride may support healthy tooth enamel.

Tea and Weight Loss

Some studies have shown that Flavonoids in tea prevent excess calories from being stored as body fat.  In other studies tea flavonoids have been shown to increase metabolism making it easier to achieve a lean body mass while improving endurance during exercise.

Tea and Diabetes

Preliminary research studies have shown that tea may reduce the risk of diabetes.  Changes to energy balance, food intake and carbohydrate metabolism have also been documented due to antioxidant activities of flavonoids.

Tea & Flavonoids

Tea has been shown in numerous studies to to have significant health benefits.  These beneficial effects may be the result of naturally compounds called “flavonoids.” Both decaffeinated and caffeinated provide substantial amounts of these natural antioxidants.  In he body antioxidants are believed to work to neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals which can cause damage over time to cell tissue and contribute to chronic diseases.

Tea & Heart Health

Research suggest that drinking tea is associated with improved cardiovascular health.  Scientists believe that tea provided heart health benefits in a variety of ways.  Tea drinking has also been associated with reduced risk of hypertension, stroke and hardening of the arteries.  Other studies suggest that tea may improve blood vessel and endothelial function and help to control blood clotting, thereby supporting healthy blood flow and circulation, energy balance, food intake. Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism have also been documented due to antioxidant activities of flavonoids.

Tea & Cancer Research

Preliminary research suggests that the flavonoids in tea could play a role in reducing cancer risk by combating free radical damage, inhibiting uncontrolled cell growth (cell proliferation), promoting programmed cell death (apoptosis), and boosting the immune system to help fend off the development and promotion of cancer cells.

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